Lifetime donors

We are working on gathering past donations and adding as we come across. The current data we have runs from January 1, 2018 until present. Thank you to all who have donated and continue to donate.

Circle of 1824 - $12,000 and up

Moose Club - $4,800 - $11,999

D2 Club - $2,400 - $4,799

Brad Clark Shawn McAneny

Scarlet and Blue Circle - $1 - $2,399

Alex Garrett Andrew Miller

Bob Slenker Carson Fields

Cary Clayborn Chandler Turnipseed

Christian Dane Clayton Conners

Cole Whaley David Jenkins

Devan Hall Donald Braswell

Ian Grimsley Jacob Smith

Jason Houston Jason Warnock

Jason Houston Jason Wicker

Javier Abendano

Joel Williams John Fisher

Jon Arthur Jonathan Fall

Jonathan Scott Jonathan Smith

Jordan Weinert Josh Curtin

Josh Minich JP Peters

Logan Mixon Michael Van Ham

Raymond Carnley Robert Glass

Stephen Robertson Steven Owens

Travis Askew Tyler Ferguson

*Last updated June 2022

Thank you to all the Brothers who have donated!

"When I put forth my best effort and combine that with the strength of my Brothers, we can achieve the victory of continual existence."