2022-2027 Donors

For those who were unable to attend the 25th Anniversary, the alumni reigned supreme beating the active chapter 30-6 in a flag football game with an amazing display of receiver/safety talent!

Please take a moment to hear about updates on the Alumni Association and the inaugural Henry Rowell Family 13 scholarship and other general scholarships!

Alumni Association Updates: Scholarship Updates:


Our goal is to raise $25,000 between recurring donors and one-time gifts from now until the end of fiscal year 2023 (June 30, 2023) to fund HVAC installation and foam insulation in the house. This will help reduce energy costs that will allow us to save quicker for future projects and improve living conditions for the active members that are living in the house. Any money raised above the $25,000 mark will be used for the exterior restoration of the chapter house.

As of the 25th Anniversary, we have raised $10,124 between one-time gifts and annual recurring donors! Please consider giving to help us achieve our goal to get HVAC put into the fraternity house by the end of 2022! We have already received quotes and will be looking to move forward soon.

Please visit the link on the right to help us achieve our goal of raising $25,000 and to double our recurring donors from 20 to 40!

The board has announced the following giving tiers with lifetime tiers coinciding on the Lifetime giving page.

The board has also announced that anybody who pledges more than $150/month or $1,500 total over the next twenty-four months will have the 30th anniversary tickets covered up to $150!

Thank you to all donors and those who donate their time. Without you we would not be here today, able to issue our inaugural scholarships, and we would not have the fraternity house PAID OFF!

*Annual/Monthly Recurring Donors post 25th Anniversary

Circle of 1824 - $1200 and up

Brad Clark* Shawn McAneny*

Steven Owens*

Moose Club - $480 - $1,199

Carson Fields* JP Peters*

Jonathan Scott* Robert Glass*

D2 Club - $240 - $479

Bob Slenker David Jenkins*

Jacob Smith* Jonathan Fall*

Josh Minich* Jason Houston*

Jay Howell Tyler Ferguson*

Scarlet and Blue Circle - $1 - $239

Andrew Miller* Cary Clayborn*

Chandler Turnipseed* Christian Dane

Logan Mixon* Clayton Conners

Devan Hall* Donald Braswell*

Ian Grimsley* Jason Warnock*

Javier Abendano* Joel Williams*

Jon Arthur* Josh Curtin*

Stephen Robertson*

*Updated June 2022

Thank you to all the Brothers who have donated!

"When I put forth my best effort and combine that with the strength of my Brothers, we can achieve the victory of continual existence."