Capital Campaign

What is the purpose of Delta Pi Properties Inc. Capital Campaign?

The purpose of the Capital Campaign is to build an emergency house repair fund, save for the next remodeling projects for the chapter house and begin the scholarship opportunities in the names of Bill Wysochansky, Jim Purks, Brian Bice, Henry Rowell, and Daniel Raines. Through your generous gifts of either one time or recurring monthly donations, we hope to complete some of the following goals as the active chapter is quickly expanding.

Why do we need your help?

Delta Pi Properties Incorporated has enough rental income to cover yearly expenditures. Over the past four years, property taxes on the Chapter house have risen, electricity costs in the house have risen as membership has increased as well as not having central ac, and insurance on the house has risen exponentially due to insurance claims as well as our insurer increasing costs for all fraternities. For the first time, Delta Pi Properties has increased rent for those living in the house. Unfortunately, even after increasing rent we are not saving enough to build a repair fund for the house and to build a bigger scholarship endowment. It is not possible to pass these on to the active chapter as their own insurance has risen exponentially each year making their budget extremely tight even with fundraisers. We will only be achieve our goals through your generosity.

How your gift will be used by Delta Pi Properties, Inc.?

Renovate, modernize, and attend to immediate infrastructure issues and repairs to the Chapter House

Establish a Chapter House maintenance fund

Increase the scholarship endowment to the benefit of our active brotherhood

Specific projects we hope to complete in the coming years.

Repair and replace wood siding and paint the exterior of the house

Renovation of the restrooms on the second floor

Central Heat/Air in the house and increase insulation

Privacy fence for security purposes

Repair and finish the basement

Replace old flooring on the second floor

How has your gift been used so far by Delta Pi Properties, Inc.?

Repaired and replaced the first-floor linoleum flooring with hardwood floors

Renovated the first-floor restrooms

Replaced the roof on the house

Paid off the mortgage

Began issuing scholarships to our active brotherhood

How can you help?

A gift to this campaign is an investment in the success of the Delta Pi Chapter and its continual existence. Our goal is to have recurring monthly donations of at least $5 from every alumni. By contributing at least $5 recurring monthly, you will become a member of the Alumni Association and will receive recognition. We are grateful to all who have chosen to donate and want to thank you for your generosity.

Recognition Levels

Donors to the campaign will be recognized within the following donation levels, as part of an honor wall to be placed in the house – listing the names of those who have committed their support to the Chapter House. The honor wall will be maintained and renewed every year beginning July 1st.

Those giving a minimum of $5 recurring monthly or $60 annually will automatically receive a one-year membership in the Delta Pi Properties Inc. alumni association.

Are gifts and pledges tax deductible?

Unfortunately, general gifts to the alumni association for the chapter house are not deductible by federal law. However, gifts designated for educational purposes (library, technology, etc.) can be made to the Delta Pi Chapter Excellence Fund, maintained by the Chi Phi Education Trust. Gifts to the Chapter Excellence Fund are tax-deductible, but are narrowly restricted by the educational purpose obligation required by the IRS. Gifts to the Alumni Association and the Delta Pi Chapter Excellence Fund are welcomed and will greatly benefit the Chapter. That said, any gift that can be prioritized to the Alumni Association for the Chapter house will make a greater impact on our ability to keep up regular repairs to the house and additions as well.