Delta Pi Properties, Inc. exists as the official alumni association for the Delta Pi Chapter of the Chi Phi Fraternity. We exist to continue the bond of brotherhood established by Chi Phi men during our years of undergraduate membership and service with the Delta Pi chapter of The Chi Phi Fraternity.

Delta Pi Properties, Inc. is an active organization which meets regularly to assist with and continue the work of the Chi Phi brothers of the Delta Pi Chapter. Activities sponsored by the alumni association include social reunions, chapter officer training, alumni inductions, a Scholarship Foundation, recruitment support, chapter officer advising, and National participation.

Delta Pi Properties, Inc. seeks to maintain a strong and productive presence with Georgia Southwestern State University, The Chi Phi Fraternity, and the Delta Pi Chapter. Through the support of dedicated Alumni, the brotherhood of Chi Phi remains strong far after graduation.

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I believe in the Chi Phi Fraternity. From its triple origin, Chi Phi sets forth and maintains values that others in society have dared to compromise. Truth, honor, and personal integrity

are the foundations upon which Chi Phi is built. A man's word is his bond. Chivalrous behavior crosses the ages to touch the heart of Chi Phi.